Cumbria & Kendal Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Centre


C01- Cough Stop Powder. Very effective for long term cough, and dry cough.

Usage: 2 tea spoon powder add half mug of warmer water, and drink in warm, 2 or 3 times daily.

Package: 100g/per bottle.

price: £25.00/per bottle

C01- Cough Stop

R01 - RenShen

R01–RenShen. has a strong effective to boost energy, immunity system and low libido

Usage: one small root chews and swallows.

Price: £4. 00 per gram

This Herbal Powder is for: Indigestion, IBS, Bloating Abdomen, Gas and Acidic, Burning feeling.

Pric: £25. 00/per bottle

H07- Arthritis

Arthritis Herbs: Effective for arthritis, stiffness, back pain, sciatica, joins pain, knee weakness and limited movement.

Usage: One bag for 2 days. (Come with use instruction)

Price: £10.00/per bag

PainCare Cream- External use only for relieve pains; joints pain, arthritis.

Usage: the cream can been used as often as you want, or use it 3-4 times daily.

Package: 20g/per bottle

Price: £15.00

P02-PainCare Cream

Skin Cream

Fresh Chinese Tea

HAY FEVER POWDER - Effective for hayfever.

Usage: 2 tea spoons powder, add half mug of warm water, stir it and drink in warm. 2 -3 times daily.

Package: 100g /per bottle

Price: £25.00/per bottle

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